No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, this needs to be one of your New Year’s Resolutions: use video content to reach, educate and convert your audience. Seriously... (And yes, this includes all you B2B folks out there too).

Just how important is video content? Let's take a look at what everyone is saying:

  • Cisco, the multi-billion-dollar technology giant, is saying that by next year (2017), video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Read more here.

  • The research company, Nielsen, is saying that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. (And we definitely fall into that category). Read more here.

  • 70% of marketers say that video content converts better than any other medium. Read more here.

  • And for extra points, here are our slides on the "6 Video Trends of 2016". It's a pretty cool read, we promise. Scouts Honor.

The proof is in the numbers. Now that we've got our fix of the stats, let’s take a closer look at why video content is so effective.

Simply put, videos are a very quick (AKA low commitment) and engaging way for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs - all they have to do consume the images and audio presented to them.

If the content isn’t engaging or if it’s too difficult to digest, the audience (your potential customers) just move on. On the other hand, when a video resonates with its audience (and has a solid strategy behind it), great things start to happen (see: engagement, relationship building, and most importantly, profit actualization).

For example, which conducting research for one of our clients, we came across Ribena UK's Facebook Page. Here's what we found (which we quite 👏):

  1. Ribena UK used short (and not overly produced) videos that are fun and catchy. We personally found them to be engaging and even interactive - we still find ourselves whistling their jingle! Obviously their audiences thought so too (at the very least, enough to share it with their friends and leave comments) - just have a look at their engagement.
  2. Ribena uses their social media (and these videos) as an opportunity to delight customers by being helpful and answering their questions in a timely manner.
A video on Ribena's Facebook page. Have a look at their engagement. We heart.
We seriously heart Ribena's timeliness in their responses.

We seriously heart Ribena's timeliness in their responses.

As you can see, video content is naturally engaging and easy to process - the frictions that come with other media simply doesn't exist with this channel.

As the saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. And science proves that video takes it to the next level - Forrester’s research shows that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Read about it here

Just one piece of video content can have a remarkable impact on your audience. Axonn Research found that 70% of people view brands in a positive light after watching interesting video from them.

(😳 we just couldn't help but place another few stats in here). 

The power of video content goes beyond engagement. It also has incredible reach - small businesses can compete with multi-million dollar companies without having to spend like them. YouTube alone receives more than one billion unique visitors every month - the only other website that does better is Facebook!

Dollar Shave Club has done amazingly well for themselves, completely off the back of videos. In fact, they’re doing so well that incumbents like Gilette are starting to view them as a serious threat to their business. That’s the David vs. Goliath advantage that you can wage with great video content. (Spoiler alert: David won) 

It's no secret, video content presents businesses with a massive opportunity to engage with their prospects and customers and tell their compelling brand stories; and people are starting to take notice - more and more businesses are starting to use video in their marketing. 

Make sure you don’t get left behind in 2016. Just sayin'.

Oh and did we mention to check out our post on the "6 Video Trends of 2016"