Learn how your business can harness the power of video and growth hacking to turn your leads and customers into fans and brand advocates. 

Work with us in setting up a comprehensive framework for your content marketing, one that is aligned with your business objectives. We provide you with systems, processes and training for your business to build a culture of growth-focus and establish your business as thought leaders within your industry.

Our Consulting and Training sessions include:

  • Content Marketing and Social Media audit for your business
  • Content Marketing Strategy and Editorial Calendar setup
  • Business Objective Alignment and Key Metrics
  • Video Distribution Platform setup and training - from YouTube to Wistia, know which platforms work for your needs
  • Content SEO framework and training
  • The "Video D. Plug-n-Play" Content Production program - an accelerated film school, create your very own high quality videos
  • Our "Authenticity 101" Corporate Presenting program - learn the theatrics of presenting, from storytelling to body language
  • Our "Brand Storytelling" program - create your brand's messaging framework that resonates with your customers' belief system
  • Our "Know Your Audience" program - uncover and understand the psyche of your ideal customer
  • Our "Feed The Content Beast" program - create a sustainable "content engine" for never-ending content ideas


How much do these sessions cost?

There are several factors that determine how much a session will cost - as you can see, we cover a lot of ground with these sessions - with each session nuanced to your business and industry.

A few of these factors would be:

  • Location of sessions
  • Industry-type
  • Audience-size
  • Time investment and session intensity with your team 

With that said, our typical sessions range from $6k to $25k - we would have to discuss your situation before providing an exact figure.