Our web-first approach to video means creating
sharable, engaging content with data-driven learnings

We journey with our clients through the entire process of creative conceptualization, video production, post-production editing and finally, distribution - all the while ensuring that your content aligns with your business objectives and resonates with your ideal audience.

And let's not forget that since it's digital video, we will have data and analytics which we can turn into actionable metrics for your business.

We get a ton of questions regarding video production, and we're sure that even right now, you've got a few questions of your own that you'd like answered - we're mind readers like that. So in light of that, here's a list of common questions that we get asked, and our common responses to said questions. (Don't have questions? Great, then fast forward to our Video Content Menu down below).

Common Question #1:
"How long does a video take to make?"

For short form content (15 to 30 second videos), it could be as quick as one day, from concept through to delivery of several videos.

For what we like to call "hero content", such as launch videos, corporate videos, etc - these projects tend to require deeper involvement and can take around 8 to 12 weeks, from concept to delivery of the final video. Needless to say, this timeframe may vary based on the scope of the project. If you happen to be in some kind of crazy rush where you're launching a product just less than 2 months, have some crazy cool product and you're able to throw money at the problem, then let's talk. Just know that we're advocates for the Law of "Cheap-Fast-Good" ... Just sayin'.

Common Question #2:
"How much does a video cost?"

One million dollars. Or one thousand. Yes that right, without knowing too much about the nature of the project, that's the range that we're looking at. In all seriousness, the price of a video depends on several factors, most importantly, the scope and nature of the creative concept and the resources that you have available - and we work hard together with you to discover and create that right balance. 

There are real costs involved in executing these things well - and this is the perfect segue for us to mention our Video Content Menu, where we use dollar signs "$" to show you the ballpark costs of different video types. One dollar sign for lower costs "$" and three dollar signs for high costs "$$$".

Our Video Content Menu: