Get empowered with the tools and know-how to grow your business through effective content marketing.

Video D.isruptors is an exclusive program where our members are guided through content marketing strategies and frameworks that are congruent with their business objectives. Armed with these fundamental strategies, our members are then provided with invaluable templates, time-saving tools and most importantly, the know-how to master their marketing and significantly improve sales.

As a Video D.isruptor, your journey with us will entail:

  1. Our Video D.isruptors Onboarding Program
    All our new members are guided through our Onboarding Program to help them get up to speed. From "Knowing Your Audience" to aligning your marketing strategy with your business objectives, you will be provided with the frameworks, templates and know-how to dramatically grow your business.

  2. Monthly High Impact Sessions on Growth and Marketing
    Where we spend half a day working with you on your marketing, ensuring that you're staying on track and achieving the best ROI with your marketing. These sessions are kept at small groups of 18 members max. - so that we can focus on each of your businesses and benefit from being in a group setting. Come ready for an intensive session filled with key learnings and actionable metrics that bring focus and clarity to your business activities.

  3. Weekly One-On-One Scrums
    Every week, you will have one-on-one a Scrum Session with your personal Video D. coach, where we help you stay on track with your milestones and timelines, answer any questions you may have and help set targets and objectives for the following week. 

* All our Video D.isruptors enjoy exclusive access to discounted Video Content Production packages.


An Application-Based Membership Process

Remember how we mentioned that the Video D.isruptor Program is exclusive? Well, we truly mean it. 

Gaining Video D.isruptor membership is an application-based process - we are totally serious when it comes to growing our community with a focus on fostering awesome member culture, and thus we can only offer membership to entrepreneurs that:

  • have an amazing product and / or service that people love
  • are focussed on growth
  • are serious and willing to explore, experiment and learn
  • are ready and able to apply the tactics set out by their marketing strategies


Video D.isruptor membership investment

$1,750 / mo (Billed annually, Save $4,200)


$2,100 / mo (Billed Monthly)


How To Apply

  1. Click on "Apply Now" below and fill in the form provided.
  2. Following that, you will receive a phone call from our team to hear more about you and your business and ensure that there is a mutual, cultural fit.

  3. A swift decision will be made and you will be contacted within 48 hours with notification of whether your application has been successful. 

  4. If you are accepted as a Video D.isruptor, then congratulations in advance and welcome to our insanely awesome community of Video D.isruptors!